Software and websites tailored to the target culture

 Copying and pasting from country to country? Bad idea.

 A multilingual web presence or catalogue designed to successfully position your services, idea, or product in a foreign culture requires careful planning and execution. Naturally, this is true on a linguistic level – grammar, word choice and correct terminology, and choice of the appropriate register for the desired target audience.

 But it doesn’t stop there. Research has shown that cultural customs must also be taken into account: colours, images, spacing, and text length all play a role. These should be harmonised with your message and optimised to fit your objectives.

 A superficial 1:1 transfer isn’t enough. Countless examples have shown us that clumsy language and design faux pas can have negative consequences for companies. The famous Mitsubishi Pajero story is just one of them.

 The linguistic and cultural competence that I have acquired through my studies and work experience make me well-equipped to advise you in these matters so that you can better get through to your target audiences.