Proofreading and editing

Making sure that everything is just right

You’re the author of a book or e-book that you’re looking to self-publish?

You’re finishing your thesis and are considering it for publication?

You’re an agency writing up complex documents for your clients, e.g. for a company anniversary or an image campaign?


  Whatever the situation, one thing always remains the same: a text must be flawless in its spelling, grammar, and punctuation. By proofreading your texts I can help ensure that they get exactly the right message across. That means no irritating and embarrassing mistakes that make the text less pleasant to read or spoil the overall effect.


 Proofreading isn’t enough? You’re looking for someone who can “improve” the style of your text, adapting it to a particular purpose? The text needs to be shortened, simplified, rendered more concise, or rewritten for a different target audience? You need a “blurb” or a short biography for your book, or image captions for an article? No problem: what you need is editing. Editing digs deeper into the text than a proofreading does, encompassing the above areas and many more, such as correct typography  – even the creation of a totally new text.

 It pays to invest in proofreading and editing because satisfied readers are, and remain, satisfied customers.